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Adventures in Cooking: Operation Pizza Roller

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I had a home economics teacher who was obsessed with canned biscuits. Almost every meal made in her class utilized canned biscuits as a major part of it. It seemed pretty silly, although a few things turned out to be a huge hit, that I would recreate for people years to come. 

My days of canned biscuitin’ are done. I no longer use canned biscuits for anything, because they have stuff in it that I won’t eat. 

But I have found myself making more and more items out of canned crescent rolls. They are, to me, what biscuits were to my home ec. teacher. 

I shall now share with you my latest creation:


That’s right, pizza logs! I may have attempted to make pizza rollers, and forgotten how stuff works, like physics/gravity/the world. So my pizza rollers turned out to be pizza logs. But you know what? They don’t judge you for not looking perfect, so back off!!!

BEHOLD! Pizza Logs! 


Want to make some yourself? Here’s how!


Pillsbury reduced fat crescent rolls

El Burrito brand soy pepperoni crumbles

Daiya brand mozzarella style shreds



Marinara sauce for dipping (I used Bertolli)


+Pre-heat your oven to 325ish

+Unroll your crescent roll dough, and separate it into four rectangles by pushing the perforation of two of the triangles together. Then cut them in half horizontally, so you have eight squares of dough.

+Chop, chop, chop your garlic! I used THREE CLOVES, because I really like garlic, but you can use less, if you’re a pansy.

+Put your garlic on the center of each square.

+Put about a tablespoon of your soy pepperoni on top of the garlic.

+Put some Daiya shreds on top of your soy pepperoni. However much you think you can fit on there, and still get the thing to close.

+Fold the ends together, so it looks like a tube, filled with stuff. Pizza stuff!

+Sprinkle with thyme. You can skip this step if you want to save some thyme. ;p 

+Bake for 18-20ish minutes, or until golden brown.

Wait for them to cool just a bit, put some marinara sauce in a bowl for dipping, and enjoy your weird, but tasty, PIZZA LOGS!!!

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