fuck yeah vegan pizza


PlanetNishy’s Veganizza

Base: Leftover lebanese sesame-zattar flatbread with olive oil.
Sauce: Tomato and vegetable pasta sauce from a jar.
Toppings: Mushrooms, red onions, baby plum tomatoes, sliced smoked seitan steak from Wheaty, fresh basil, black pepper, Redwood Cheezly Super Melting Cheddar.

Baked for 15 mins until cheeze melts. So delicious, if I do say so myself.

PlanetNishy ~x

[Sorry for the delay in publishing your post, Anisha! I was having trouble getting the image to load on twitpic, so finally I just copied it from your original tumblr post. I hope it’s the right one!

That flatbread sounds yum! The pizza too, but that kinda goes without saying. - ed.]

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