fuck yeah vegan pizza


new vegan cheese coming soon!!! dairy tree!

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so excited about the upcoming launch of dairy tree, a brand new vegan cheese made right here in LA!



their first release is going to be bleu cheese, which makes me super stoked because i have never tasted a decent version of that. i know people who have sampled dairy tree, and i have heard nothing but rave reviews. plus the chef behind it is sara from the vegan spot, and if you guys remember that place, they had the best vegan cheese in the land. be sure to sign up for updates!!!

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    I am equally excited about the launch of Dairy Tree Foods! In addition to vegan cheeses, they’re also developing vegan...
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    I’ve heard such good things about this company already! I can’t wait to stick my face into this gorgeous hunk of cheese....
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    ~wiggle dance~ oohh this looks amaaazing!

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