fuck yeah vegan pizza


vegan pizza day at sizzle pie in portland!

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YES!! sizzle pie in portland, one of my favorite pizzerias ever, is offering 2 for one vegan slices for brunch today in honor of vegan pizza day. get there between 11am and 4pm and fill up on some of the best slices of pizza you’ll ever eat. they’re huge and thin—the kind of slices that you can fold in half—-oh god why can’t i be in portland right now? my personal favorite is the spiral tap (pictured above to the left), so if you see that, get it!

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    Such a good deal, and sizzle pie is the shit! Maybe I’ll swing by for lunch..
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    [images: photographs of the pizza from sizzle pie in portland. the first is two metal plates holding two slices of pizza...
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