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Vegan Pizza Day in London! UPDATED

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UPDATE: we’ve got the specifics on the karma free pizza deal! on saturday june 30th, they’ll be offering a regular vegan pizza with a portion of garlic bread for a tenner. that’s a steal! thanks fat gay vegan for the info in the comments!

don’t let living on the other side of the pond stop you from honoring vegan pizza day! of course you an can always make your own animal-free pie at home, but now londoners can also get in on the restaurant fun, as karma free pizza in harrow announced on facebook yesterday that they will be partaking in the vegan pizza day celebrations on june 30th. 

i’ve never been to karma free pizza, but from what i can gather, they’re the only pizzeria in london offering cheezly pizza on a regular basis. have you guys had cheezly? it’s fantastic! plus karma free has gained a favorable review (which includes multiple pizza, garlic bread, and dough ball photos!) from the respectable UK blog to happy vegans.

pictured above is the vegan cosmic explosion pizza as seen on to happy vegans.

thanks, karma free pizza for participating in vegan pizza day! london, go check them out and show some support. 

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