fuck yeah vegan pizza


Top photo: Fresh oregano from my garden for making pizza sauce. I make sourdough vegan pizza at least once a month.

Adapted from Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains: A guide to high-altitude, semi-arid home permaculture gardens:

Oregano, Greek, Origanum vulgare hirtum; Italian, O. x majoricum. Oregano is a Mediterranean perennial herb that needs a sunny location to thrive. Greek oregano has the best and most pronounced flavor; it is winter hardy to USDA Zone 4 while Italian oregano is only hardy to USDA Zone 6. My garden is in USDA Zone 4.

If your garden is too cold for true oregano to overwinter, consider planting oregano de la Sierra, Monarda fistulosa var. menthaefolia, a native bergamot species with an oregano-like flavor (bergamot and oregano are in the same family, the mint family and so have some of the same volatile essential oils that provide the quintessential oregano flavor). Use the leaves while fresh; the flavor disappears when the leaves are dried. The species is winter hardy down to USDA Zone 2 and grows wild up to 9,000 feet elevation in the mountains of the Southwest USA.

Adapted from Wild Bread: Handbaked sourdough artisan breads in your own kitchen:

For detailed descriptions of each stage of making my whole wheat sourdough pizza see these blog posts:


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